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Working Full Time+ & a Puppy

Updated: Aug 31, 2021


First post ever, can I get a helloooo, no? okay fine... I’ll jump right into the latest stress in my life *cries in spanish*

Two weeks ago my boyfriend surprised me with the greatest gift, something I’ve been dreaming about for years that was definitely not in my 2018 “let’s get this sh**done” list... Drumroll, please.... A PUPPY!

Pua Christmas 2018

isn't she just adorable!?

Idk about you but I work what I like to call a full-time + which means I work more than the regular 9-5. Sometimes a 9-9 or a 9-1 am...and also have a bit of a side hustle going on (be on the lookout for my story on starting a business from the ground up) and getting off “early” means going home before 8 pm... I know, I know.

If your reaction to the above was “girrrrrl you ain’t got time for a dog, let alone a puppy” then you’re absolutely right. So let's get to it, here is how me and Pua (yes the pig from Moana) and I are adjusting and how we are making it work.

  1. First things first, if you’re actually planning on getting a dog and this isn’t a surprise then I’ve made an Amazon list (bc lets be honest waiting more than 2 days for delivery is painful and we can’t) of everything I have gotten and actually recommend getting your dog, but a CRATE is the first thing that should be on your list. I couldn’t even scream this loudly enough but it’s the most helpful thing to potty train your pet. This might be obvious to a lot of you but this is my first pet and I thought we would be fine without it... WRONG.

  2. Make sure you have the resources if you don’t have the time to spend with your pet. What I mean is, make sure that if you can’t be with your puppy as much as you would like, then someone else can or you’re giving them the social time they need aka doggy daycare, walkers, playdates, etc. For us it means, walking/playing for at least an hour before I go to work, abuela (my mom) coming in the afternoon for more play time and once P is actually allowed to go to doggy daycare she’ll spend half the day running around wild and then she’ll come home after 6 hours of play time

  3. If you’re as much as an animal lover as we are, then remember this is not going to be easy. A puppy is great don’t get me wrong but I cried the first two weeks I had her. I was feeling extremely guilty and overwhelmed. Why? Bc, I wanted to make sure I was giving her “her best life”. Yes I know it might sound silly “it’s just a dog” but for us, our dogs are very much another member of the family and making sure we are there as much as they are here for us is important.

  4. Everything will be okay. I think the most important part of adjusting for us has been figuring out a routine. After that, both you and your pup get used to your day to day and trust me, your pup is and will be fine.

Moral of the story? Don’t listen to your boss when he tells you, you don't have time for a pet... jk. I actually think it teaches you a lot about your relationship with your SO, career, flexibility, and potentially what your schedule/life would look like if you had an actual child (scary thought) which of course would require a lot more of your time but if a dog is a no then... I don’t have to explain myself do I ;)?

I hope you get a bit of a breather from this if you are going through the same or thinking about it...

Happy holidays you filthy animals!


-C, J & P


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