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The F Word..

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Hola Babes!

It’s been a minute. Ya girl literally has been drowning in work duties, dog mom duties, family duties... trying to keep it together okkkk?

But are you ready for this tea to be served hot?.... Drumroll plz...FEMINISM! Yes that is my fave f word and my fave Day is March 8th - International Women’s Day!

Recently I’ve had conversations where somehow somewhere this became a scary word... now I also noticed this is still more of a touchy subject in the Hispanic/Latino community.

If you know me (know know me) then you know this is very important to me but why wouldn’t it be? to everyone, yes that’s including you men.

Why wouldn't you want your gf, friend, wife, mom , grandma, tia, madrina, etc. To be treated with as much respect as a man does?

Where I’ve seen the most “conflict” is when it comes to the most repeated quote that makes me angry “as a woman I need to take care of the house, be delicate and make sure my husband (man in my life) is taken care of” LADIES. WHAT... or when Someone says “Do/don’t do that bc you’re a girl” I’ll really look at you crazy then... and don’t get me started about all the memes about “my man should never touch one of these” #stapppp

Yes... That's me looking at you crazy. #rbf

I mean if this is truly what makes you happy then all my respect goes out to you. But if you solely believe this because either society has made you think that, your SO has given you gender-specific roles or bc our cultures have historically put this in your brain then girl... NO.

What I always like to ask is: could you take the responsibility the man in your life is taking if the roles were switch and what happens the day he’s not there tomorrow? And are you happy and reaching your own full potential?

I already see some of you rolling your eyes and whispering under your breath but why is that? Is it because that’s what your parents and your grandparents and your great great abuelita did and that’s the culture we grew up in?

I almost feel that when anyone (man or woman) is pushed into their “expected” roles it becomes a toxic situation. And by that I mean, we eliminate the possibilities of what that person could be/wants to be. The “like a girl” video explains what I am trying to say

I also notice people somehow think this is the most rebellious thing and that people are going to completely disagree with the idea of it but let me tell you that in today’s society there are so many women and men supporting women and these are my favorite things about it:

The #metoo movement - and if you haven’t already, you must watch Emma Watson’s “Gender Equality” speech back in 2014. YOU’RE WELCOME

The Betches community (fave reading is their “when is happy hour” book)

Sophia Amoruso #girlboss women empowerment

Malala Yousafzai’s brave story. In case you’re still not convinced why this is so important

and last but not least all the Hispanic/Latino feminists and moms and grandmas and tias that have taught us to be bad b**ches in everything we do... and a special shoutout to all the men that support us and push us to be better every single day. We are here to support you too!

So don’t hesitate doing something because society keeps saying “do/don’t because you’re girl/boy” screw that. Do what truly makes you happy and kick ass at it... and to all my Hispanics/Latinos quit thinking this is the craziest thing. It’s 2019 Folks!

Who runs the world?

Okay... ya me calmo

Over and out



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