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Entrepreneurship is Crazy

Updated: Aug 31, 2021


Happy (last) Monday!

Have you all notice how our generation is killing it!? From being top of our class, to finding love, getting killer jobs, buying houses, having dogs, cats and kids... it’s all happening! But the thing that really makes me *gasp* is how many of us decided to start businesses.

As we are getting ready for the new year I wanted to talk about the scariest thing I did this year...Me and my best friend, lover, better half (don't flatter yourself babe, jk luv u 4eva) decided that in the long run we wanted to have ~financial freedom~ and to us that meant pretty much building our own empire that allows us to #liveourbestlives. Don’t get me wrong I feel absolutely #blessed to have the job I have now and to earn the money I do because in one way or another it has giving me some of that #freedom to chase my dreams. But of course, like many of us, I crave to travel the world, take care of my parents, have a beautiful home, run our business from home, etc the list is endless.

We decided to start with real estate (not that the specific industry matters for what I’m about to rant about next but in case you were wondering). Now. Let me tell you some of the things NO ONE will tell you about.

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  1. Anyone older that waited a lot longer to go chase their dreams will either tell you no, judge you or try to tell you how to do things... now this is way different than someone (experienced successful individual) giving you advice. Times have changed and we’re here to kick a**, jump over obstacles and run this bit... business.

  2. Do things the right way. Get a lawyer's advice, talk to an accountant, google it bc #millenials but make sure you’re studying your craft and getting out there and making connections. This is easier said than done. When we started off we knew about 0 lawyers, 0 accountants, and 0 about where to start.

  3. Ask ask ask. We learned A LOT just going to a RE workshop. We learned about how where when and who to set up our business with. but it took for us (bae and I) to be out there looking for answers to find resources

  4. The internet is literally your best friend. We found a lot of our connections now through recommendations on the nextdoor app. So do your research, read the reviews and start making calls.

  5. Be confident in your dreams. I couldn’t say this enough. Whoever you call to help you set up your business, make sure you sound confident and have done your research because trust me people will take advantage of you or tell you you can’t do it.

  6. If someone tells you no, ask for a referral or just move on to the next person. Don’t overthink the NO.

  7. Always have some skepticism / don’t fall for everything people tell you. I wish this wasn’t a thing but the second people see young entrepreneurs with no experience they jump to conclusions or think they can take advantage of you. DON'T FALL FOR IT. Question everything, ask questions, and always be prepared.

  8. Everyone wants to make entrepreneurship look easy “if you work hard you can do it” wrong. Of course, you should absolutely 100% be working hard at your own craft but don't be afraid to fail or if things aren’t the “entrepreneur dream” you expected. This one for me has been especially hard to get comfortable with. Why? starting from 0 is SCARY and it’ll take a while for people to “take you serious” (much more difficult when you’re 5’2 and look 12) but carry yourself as you would in your corporate job and people will see the professional you are.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about saying it. Everything that goes in the background is all you (+bae) and that means handling paperwork, legal matters, and a thousand other things that aren’t all that “fun” and that is okay, we can deal, amiright?

Final point of my rant. If you don’t take yourself seriously no one will. That is. Pick up calls, answer emails, do your business right and handle things like the #boss you are and want to be.

Okay....maybe not this serious... LOL

Note: if you’ve also started your own side hustle, we would love to connect!




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